Our Development Process

RPA-UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform for organizations efficiently automate business processes. effiently automate business processes.

Analysing business processes

We identify the business process which can be automated and then the time and efforts can be redirected to more productive tasks.

Automation Design

Our experts analyze your business scenarios and based on that design the automation architecture. Then our team will test those architectures on the test environment to ensure smoothness in overall process.

Capturing Data from Structured and Unstructured formats

RPA bots can capture the data from invoices or any other documents and can process it according to the specific business requirement.

RPA Implementation

Our team check out validation, orchestrate workflows and ensures in expediting the business continuity.

Automation Support

Our support team manages bots as per your requirement and makes sure that they provide support to the existing projects and risk management as well.

Cost Deduction

An onshore support can be replaced by an offshore support by half of the price. However bot will work with same efficiency. It means you can achieve same productivity in half price.

What Business Process We Offer

Invoice Processing Automation

We assist you to automate the entire invoice processing from capturing the invoice details up to posting it in ERP.

Automating CRM Processes

We guide you through to automate your repetitive tasks of CRM tasks like uploading Leads in to system from different data sources.

Capturing Data from Websites

RPA can insert data into any system like capturing the Exchange rate from the government websites and maintaining it in ERP system.

Automating ERP Processes

We automate ERP processes like Account Payables, General Ledger Data Entry, Reconciliation Process and many more.


Integration with different software

RPA allows to integrate Bot with software like SharePoint which in returns improve business productivity. We can also integrate Bot with your organization web portal.

What Technology We Offer

  • Task, workflow and state machine automation
  • CRM automation
  • Desktop and web automation
  • Citrix automation
  • ERP automation
  • Excel automation
  • Screen and data scrapping
  • Email automation
  • PDF automation

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