Benefits of choosing Salesforce over other CRMs

Benefits of choosing Salesforce over other CRMs


Are you looking forward to having significant growth in your business environment that can expand the network and the way you trade in the market, then you must have heard about CRM. A customer relationship management system integrates various tools and technologies that can help to build a healthy business environment to establish your company. When it comes to selecting the best CRM, most probably you have come across various technologies that promise you the indomitable assistance and consistent support that you need to see your company prosper.

It is always required to have the patience to grow your business, but once you reach a milestone and achieve your goals, then the main thing you have to focus on is blending with the changing environment and circumstances of your increased production and outstanding service. If you want the most relevant customer relationship management system for your company then in that case Salesforce CRM is one of the best choices to opt as it has many best features over other CRMs. You can seemingly enhance the way you interact with your customers. In this blog, you will be knowing why businesses find Salesforce the best choice over other CRMs.

Benefits of choosing Salesforce over other CRMs

There are many reasons you should implement Salesforce for the most optimized results. You can improve the way you trade with your new business or by implementing Salesforce you can add functionality and impeccable assistance to your existing business. You can automate and restructure your business procedure with Salesforce and make successful experiences and unbreakable bonds with your customers with your genuine and truthful services. Let’s look at the service provided by Salesforce and why it is preferable and beneficial for you.

1. Customer information

The main and the best feature of this software is the ability to gather customer information in terms of quality as well as quantity. Salesforce provides sustainable solutions to have a maximum amount of information regarding your potential customers before getting in touch with them.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to have information about your customer. First, it helps you to track the necessary information about your customer. You will have all information in one place in a systematic manner, and you can look upon any lead that is useful for you although it is assigned to any other representative. And that is the reason it provides a holistic view of managing your business.

2. Scalability

Investing in the best quality CRM is nothing like an investment. It should solve the business needs of the present as well as the future while assuring the business of better results. This is what Salesforce can do. Salesforce carries the capacity and ability to scale up your present customer relationship or a strong customer base that can build in the coming years.

Salesforce also provides a multi-tenant architecture whereas a single user would be using a small part of resources. You can easily upgrade it as the number of resources increases without much changes in performance. This is how Salesforce provides dominance. Salesforce provides a lot of customizations and it can be fitted to any business therefore according to statistics nearly more than 86% of companies choose Salesforce over other CRMs. No matter how complex the problem is, you can fix it with Salesforce.

3. Multi-tenant environment

Multi-tenancy is one of the best features of Salesforce CRM, this makes it more convenient to maintain your business flow and offer its service by sharing an environment with team members and authentic entities.

Multiple users and business partners can share a single instance of your application, and this is the reason why Salesforce is pronounced as one of the most cost-effective CRM of all time. Whenever necessary changes and amendments are made, the tenant who has got legal access to the system will be able to edit and review as per your requirement.

This information will be shared with the team members in an isolated manner which means unauthorized entities can not access it.

4. Security

For several years there’s been a lot of debate going on about the security of the data that is being stored over the cloud. According to some reports, the cloud is more secure than legacy practices being followed. But when we talk about Salesforce CRM, data security is their priority. Salesforce has lots of tools and features with which business owners can restrict the data access to their organization’s people, thereby making it more safe and secure.

5. Pricing structure

Salesforce’s pricing structure is very unique as compared to other CRM solutions. Before Salesforce, companies like Oracle and SAP used to charge a hefty amount of fees on software, hardware, and upgrades they provided. Later Salesforce came into the competition and charged a fee per user which was very unique. Salesforce provides 4 editions namely: sales edition, professional edition, enterprise edition, and unlimited edition. Also, Salesforce CRM provides free-of-cost upgrades thrice a year.

6. Salesforce partner

Becoming a Salesforce partner gives you access to the widest range of popular and free apps. You also have the option to develop and market your app. Moreover, you have access to many tools available, allowing you to find the tool that you want.

7. Salesforce community

The Salesforce community is mainly designed to connect with the community outside your org. and collaborate with them. Users can ask for help and find answers to their questions with other community members. As an online social media platform, it enables companies to connect customers, employees, and partners with each other. Salesforce community cloud provides its customers with seamless integration with CRM data like opportunity, leads, activities, etc. It has been there for many years to help and support you with business.

8. Cloud-based functionality

Nowadays implementing cloud-based solutions is trending and with good reason. It may be difficult for employees to get access to physical, on-site servers in a secure manner due to connectivity. Salesforce basically runs on the cloud means, it operates on the data center available for the user over the internet. Cloud-native services provide users with more flexibility and accessibility to support a growing team. As a result, organizations can gain access to on-demand computing resources and can enhance their business productivity without worrying about provisioning and maintaining physical infrastructure.

Since Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based technology, it promises and provides your business with a flexible environment that is adaptable to your workspace’s continually changing requirements. This cloud infrastructure can assist you in analyzing the information in executing the strategies which are beneficial for your company’s growth


Salesforce is better than other CRMs because of its available best features. Features like contact management, workflow creation, task management, opportunity tracking, collaboration tools, customer engagement tools, analytics, and an intuitive, mobile-ready dashboard, etc. It has a wide range of systems and categories to meet most of the business requirements. 

You can achieve success undoubtedly if your business is organized systematically and you are making relevant amendments in your production level based on the variable circumstances. You can effectively gather the leads and convert them to sales by providing your services.