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In Iqra technology, Our Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india provider team is the best in their skill to deliver you the quality of Magento services.

If you have chosen Magento for your e-commerce development, it is probably the best decision that has been made for your firm. Magento increases your ROI on your sales. However, you also need to collaborate with the right Magento services provider, development, and design partner who is capable of creating an amazing customer experience. We can do that much more.


Hire Magento Developer

  • We have an experienced team who worked on Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india.
  • All our dedicated Magento developers are well-trained with every popular aspect of the Magento platform. They all are accomplished with high experience in every scope of the e-commerce store.
  • Everyone in our team, whether Magento web programmers and developer or other technical professional has invested their full skills in all-around projects.
  • Our team of skilled and professional Magento developers is very much informed of every edition of Magento with the latest versions and can provide a top-class e-commerce store for your esteemed organization.

Magento Store Support Service

Trust that your Magento website is in a safe hand with Iqra Technology’s reliable support package. Running Magento store is challenging because of lots of bugs, functional issues, errors & mistakes you have to be faced..

  • Our experienced team of Magento will ensure that your store stays up-to-date and fully functional.
  • We offer reliable Magento store services for the smooth running of your store on AWS.
  • We can fix all Magento stores problems that you may face in future.
  • We extend this service to non-existing customers who need professional advice.
magento1 to 2

Shifting Magento 1 To Magento 2

Magento officially published that Magento 1 will stop working w.e.f June 2020. After launching magento2, lots of users want to migrate, although most of them are not aware of the whole process. Magento2 has an upgraded feature than Magento 1. Therefore, shifting from magento1 to magento2 is compulsory.

  • We are a reputed and well-experienced Magento support agency with a team of professionals and many years of experience in E-Commerce.
  • Our Magento developers audit your magento1 and provide you a complete plan for shifting magento1 to magento2.
  • A team of dedicated professionals in Magento 2 developer will perform the shifting without any loss in data and complete backup service.
  • It’ll require a couple of days depending on your website’s complexity and bugs.

Magento2 Upgrade Service

Magento2 upgrade is very useful for both the parties i.e. developers and the end-users. Magento2 has a better performance and optimized speed. But magento2 upgrade lots of issues that you may have experienced i.e. inability to update, database error during upgrade, URL are not SEO optimized, and many more.

  • Our team offers an easy and smooth performance of your e-commerce store.
  • We make websites that are SEO optimized for better performance.
  • The latest technology is used for security for integration into the website.
  • We create a backup for your existing stores.
  • Boost sales and ROI for E-Commerce stores.

Magento Extension Service

Magento extension helps in making the website more powerful. Extension help in the addition of several functions to your store right from the product display to the final checkout. The accessibility of Magento SEO extension help in making store rank better in search engine result.

  • Our team developers designed the extension to ease the store management process and have a wonderful shopping experience.
  • Our experts designed and customized extensions to improve the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Our team of Magento developers is proficient in their work. No matter how complex your website is, we make it simple and easy to use. We concentrate on saving your time.
  • You can become the busiest store owner in your niche market by getting versatile Magento extensions developed from Iqra Technology.

Magento Mobile App Service

In today’s digital world, smartphones have become the necessities to the people, all-round 67% of people are using a smartphone for online shopping. By making Magento mobile app for your e-commerce store, you are available for your customers, whatever gadget your customers may be used to purchase the product from your store. Magento Mobile App allows you to integrate various payment gateways into mobile apps.

  • Our Magento Mobile App Creator makes the app with multiple screen size support which makes the mobile apps fully friendly with all multi-sized smartphones and gadgets. You don’t have to worry about the content display on customers devices.
  • Our Magento mobile app globalized your e-commerce business through multiple languages. It’ll increase your customers.
  • Your customers can easily connect with you through our live chat tools. This will help you to fill the gap between you and your customers
  • Our Magento mobile app provides the active status of delivery to you and your customers. You and your customers easily track your delivery.
  • Appoint our certified Magento app developers to target a large number of smartphone users base just by few clicks on your Magento mobile app.
mobile app magento
Two pieces of the puzzle are joined together and both are connected to the usb cables

Magento Theme Development And Integration Service

Every online business firm requires attractive and different e-commerce layout and fonts. The best theme and layout attract your customers make them feel good. Magento has no restriction to using the LUMA theme in your online store. But if you want to change the theme or if you want to make your theme, Magento restricts it.

  • Our Magento theme development Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india help you in the installation of Magento theme templates on your e-commerce website to provide an excellent user experience.
  • We deliver an impressive look and feel to your online viewers and boost your customer’s interaction.
  • We understand that all business is unique itself and so our team builds different Magento themes to serve the unique requirement of our client.
  • Our innovative theme designer combines trending designs and technology to create responsive and high-pleasing UI and UX for your online stores.
  • If you are looking to boost your e-commerce website with the best Magento theme, we are always here for you.

Magento Enterprise Development Services

Maintaining an e-commerce store is not an easy job, there may be technical problems, compatibility issues, bugs, slow speed issues, server issues, low conversion rates, and many more issues that you need to be dealing with. Time to time update, backup support, ongoing maintenance may also be required for better results.

  • Our team of Magento experts will secure your store, stay perfect, updated as well as smooth in performance.
  • Our experts have good experience in Magento enterprise development, which is one of the best open-source platforms that offer flexible and scalable features.
  • We have an experienced professional team, which means all the latest details are offered to you. This helps us to be dynamic versus statics regarding the latest technology, safety concerns, coding standards, and features.
  • We also offer in-depth analysis and suitable solutions for your Magento enterprise to stay ahead of rival firms.
enterprise magento
checkout extension

Magento Check Out Extension Services

Selling an online product is a more challenging task than selling in offline stores. Right from the time the potential shopper lands on your stores to the completion of the sales, there is a high risk of desertion. Therefore, the checkout page is critical because this is the stage when customers have more chances of leaving the cart and site for good. If you are using Magento e-commerce stores Magento check-out extension is a tool that you can leverage for this purpose.

  • In our Magento check-out extension Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india, we provide a great number of payment options for your customers. The buyers can make payments via PayPal, credit card, debit card, and many more.
  • Another feature that our check-out extension offers is the ability to rename the firm so that you can use a unique firm name for a different shop view..
  • We are all about increasing online sales conversion by reducing customer betrayal.
  • Our team will Improve your checkout process results in more visitors completing their orders, which drives an instant impact on your bottom line.

PSD To Magento Conversion Service

Iqra Technology is considered among the best development company in the world of PSD to Magento development. Our team of Iqra Technology can deliver hundreds of PSD to Magento theme customization that help our clients to reach desired business goals by using the latest tools and techniques. With our Magento conversion services, you are assured and more capable of eye goals that are mysterious for your rival firms..

  • We understand your business requirements and deliver you the most effective PSD to Magento conversion Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india for your e-commerce store that helps you in generating income.
  • Our experts are specialized in giving shape to the startups by offering the best Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/indias of PSD to Magento conversion that catalyzes business growth.
  • We acquire a goal-based methodology that can turn your challenges into opportunities.
  • Our goal is to provide you exceptional PSD to Magento with expert PSD slicing service. Our team of developers and designer ensure you to get maximum ROI for your business with SEO-friendly, fast loading, and multi-browser compatible theme.
PSD to magento

Magento Cloud Deployment Services

The functioning of a website can be affected by many elements, including the deployment process, which is quite energy-consuming and can take a long time. The duration of the deployed website being in maintenance mode is affected by many elements, such as the configuration of the environment or the amount of content. However, there are many ways to remarkably increase productivity and optimize the Magento cloud deployment process. They change depending on whether you are improving a finished website or working on testing one under development.

  • In Magento cloud deployment services, our Iqra Technology provides the most shipping option for your buyers, by location, volume, dimensions, product type, and many more.
  • Our experts create a best-in-class customers experience with Magento-included features page builder, category merchandising, promotion codes, and content staging & preview.
  • Our mission is to provide you best Magento cloud deployment services by using the latest technology.
  • In Iqra technology, the Magento service provider team is best in their skill to provide you the quality of Magento cloud deployment services.

Magento Support Services

Every online store needs constant observation and timely maintenance to ensure the site is healthy and fit, at any given point of time, after the website is made open for selling. you have to ensure the payment services are well combined, SEO friendliness, and much more – it is a never-ending process, to provide the best experiences for your customers at every point of interaction. When you have a powerful team of Magento services providers you can easily achieve your business goal. And that’s where Iqra Technology comes into play with dedicated Magento Experts ready to help with any situation that arises.

  • Iqra technology offers you 24*7 Magento E-commerce offshore/remote/india support services that give you the self-confidence of keeping your Magento store up and running round the clock.
  • With the team of Magento technical experts to address the small issues and big challenges, you need not hesitate about the performance of your e-commerce store.
  • We also resolve the problems and emergencies that you may come across and also make sure that their probability is reduced to the minimum.
  • Our experts understand the latest requirement of growing business and idea new features that are to be implemented on your Magento store to adapt to these needs and trends.

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Yes, it’s free of cost. You can get Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india from Iqra technology for 2 weeks to test our Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india. This free trial is allowed for you to examine the endowment, connection, accuracy, on-time delivery of services, and more of the provided support Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india. If you find it satisfactory service and work, you can extend the connection and engagement, if not then you can cancel it at your convenience.

We make a perfect fit for your business requirements with our core expertise in CMS solutions. We ensure quality performance and services. Our experienced Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india providers will provide you best solution and support to add value to your business.

We offer Cost-effective IT solutions within your budget. Our expert Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india team provide services starting from $2100. You can reach out to us for detailed information.

Our dedicated Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india team will assist best solutions, support, consultations, implementation, integration, and customization of services for you to achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.

Yes, it is possible. We help our clients with integration solutions in the existing software system. Get Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india from Iqra Technology and get complete solutions and support.

We provide services according to the time zone of the Client’s location. You can get our expert Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india without worrying about the different time zone.

We ensure to provide services with your complete satisfaction as we consider our client’s satisfaction at a high priority. Our Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india team are expertise in providing the best support and services.

Our Magento E-commerce services offshore/remote/india team will be cost effective and now work from anywhere is possible so choose the best talent and utilize our expertise to build a good business solution.

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