Corporate Social Responsibility

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

"Abraham Lincoln"

In India, unemployment is one of the many substantial issues. Every year, many young and talented IT students suffer because of a lack of a breakthrough in the IT industry when they need it the most, at the beginning of their careers.

We at Iqra try to fill this vacuum by providing them with proper guidance and training. Iqra Technology came into existence in 2016 and started working for the betterment of candidates as per the CSR initiative, “Building Talent’’

By spending more than 50% of the profits in the form of a stipend and IT training for free, we polish these new talents as per the trends of the ever-evolving IT industry.

Iqra Technology has contributed towards skill development programs to thrive on something pivotal in the current scenario. The latest technologies from the field of IT as the new-collar jobs demand technical skills in CRM, AI, Data analytics, etc. in making the digital era more inclusive and contribute to a self-reliant India, built on the backbone of technology in these times.

The company encourages the youth to come forward and make a statement for themselves.

The students are getting trained as per their strength and engrossment by experienced mentors from within the company or relevant experts in the industry.

We focus on a key dimension i.e., social. Being a company, we offer the following options to candidates to build their careers:


Free Training:

We have Iqra IT Academy where we provide free IT training to the students with challenging financial backgrounds though they are wanting to learn new technologies.
We hire expert trainers and conduct online classes to strengthen the student fundaments in core software development areas such as C#, JavaScript, SQL, etc.


Generally getting the first break in the IT field is a challenge. We provide tailor-made internship courses for freshers who have graduated in the IT field. We conduct a complete 360-degree career development program including technical training, business process understanding, live project experience, and mentoring. We provide a six-month internship course with a stipend for deserving candidates in Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Web Development, and various other technologies

Soft-Skills Training:

We also train and polish student’s soft-skills like spoken English and personality development by training them for job interviews and writing emails etc. Thus, making them competent to face any situation confidently and responsibly.


Before graduation getting a good job in the IT sector is almost an impossible task. But I am very thankful to the Iqra Technology that provided me the opportunity to learn and work with them after my 12th Standard. It was 2.5 years of great experience in Iqra Technology to learned something new every day. Iqra technology provides me great opportunity to build my career in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and develop my inner skills. The most important thing that I learned from Iqra Technology is that success is in our hands through hard and smart work we can achieve anything.

Shah Alam Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant

I am touched by the excellent mentorship of my mentors throughout my time in Iqra and the amazing help I received to enhance my skill and improve my knowledge. I will recommend this place to all who need a break and experience as well in the IT field as this is the place where one learns more than one can expect.

Mayur Gore Salesforce Consultant

Post College life is said to be a bumpy road with lots of ups and downs. But, the 2 years that I have spent in Iqra Technology have been so great that I can’t thank God enough. In these 2 years, I’ve learned how to deal with problems, I’ve seen the joy brought by success and also seen the pain brought by failure. But most importantly, I’ve learned that there’s no shortcut to success. The time that I have spent here will forever be cherished.

Kamran Khan Software Developer

Throughout my 3 years+ experience at Iqra Technology, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership, and proactive thinking through various training and live events. I enjoy getting involved with the support of my mentors in a challenging situation and getting through it as a winner! There, I am encouraged to fully explore my potential. It was a great learning experience and the support provided by the staff professionally, emotionally, and financially as well. The salary provided to me during my training enable me to complete my studies and also sharpen my skills in Salesforce. Iqra shaped me into who am I today. My time in the company has enabled me to have the opportunity to immerse myself in an international experience. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to Iqra Technology and its team for their support and encouragement, this would not be possible without them.

Mariyam Shaikh Senior Salesforce Administrator