Get Started with Einstein Search

Einstein search has three key features

  • Actionable UI
  • Personalization
  • Natural Language Search.

1. Actionable UI : -

  • Actionable UI provides information such as record previews, related list and Quick Actions, allowing users to complete task directly in search box.
  • The suggestions based on what user most recently searched are shown Once user clicks on the search bar. These suggestion update as users keep typing.
  • When user hovers over each record, a record preview with action buttons is shown on the right side of the page. Records preview helps to distinguish between similar records, and identity duplicate records.

To customize related list appearance user can

1. Go into Personal setting,

2. Type “customized My Pages” In the Quick find Box and then select the Object to Customize and click Customize Page button.

  1. The list can be reordered by selecting the Up/Down arrows, or items can be eliminated by moving them to the “Available List.”
  • Also in the preview are the Related List Quick Links user can hover over these links and get even more information in the popover and perform actions such as edit, etc.
  • At the bottom are the suggested list views.

2. Personalization : -

  • Personalized Search results are ranked results for individual users. Results reflect each user activity without filtering anything out.

  • Users see results that are ordered based on the objects and records they work with most. The order of search results differs for each individual, but no results are filtered away. Results are only reordered to be more relevant for particular user.

For Example: – 

If User Interacts with Accounts in San Francisco most frequently. Einstein Search UI identities the patterns and hidden preferences and ranks search results so that Accounts in San Francisco are top and other are bottom.

  • No records are filtered out. They are only reordered to help find most relevant record faster. If Einstein Search has high level of confidence in particular search results. It expands the results into recommended result preview.

Note: Personalization is currently available on Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

3. Natural Language Search : -

 More specifically, Natural Language Search allows users to type queries into the Global Search bar, which makes completing CRM tasks easier. Popular natural language queries that users enter in the Global Search bar include “my open cases” or “closed opportunities in California”. One of the common requests we’ve heard from our customers is to control the way the system interprets certain queries. For example, if the user knows exactly which subsidiary of an account the query they wrote is referring to, or if there are certain words in the query that refers to multiple parts of the CRM system, then they should be able to edit the Natural Language Search results quickly instead of submitting a completely new query to the system.

  • Natural Language Search Lets users type common Phrases like “My open opportunities”, “Cases closed last week”, or “opportunities in Progress” to find most relevant records. user can search using Natural Language Search instantly creates a custom filtered list without needs to create a new report or list view.

  • Users get search results by entering every day, common words and phrases in the search box. The search gives you quick access to lists of records so that you can find the information that you want.

Note: Natural Language Search is currently available on Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

Get Your Users attracted To Einstein Search!

When you enable Einstein Search, don’t miss to tell your users about Einstein Search.
Simple #AwesomeAdmin reminders in the form of Chatter posts, emails, or training do the trick. You can use and adapt this example email as a template for your communications!

Einstein Search Visibility:-
  • Available only when using global search in Lightning Experience with Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions.
  • Not available in Salesforce Classic and Experience Cloud sites.
Feature Support and Limitations of Einstein Search:-

Einstein Search capabilities include personalization, actionable instant results, and natural language search (NLS).

Personalization, natural language search (NLS), and recommended results are available in all versions of the Salesforce mobile app.

Personalization works with these standard objects: Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity. Personalized results are returned only for full searches when you press enter, not instant results.

Natural Language Search works with these standard objects: Account, Case, Contact, Knowledge, Lead, Opportunity, and Task. When using Natural Language Search (NLS), keep these limitations in mind:

Natural Language Search (NLS)supports non-English language queries for renamed standard objects, renamed fields, and picklist values. Non-English languages aren’t supported for queries that contain boolean field values, dates, operators “top” and “my”, and stopwords.

In Government Cloud, Natural Language Search (NLS) doesn’t support queries that use date and location filters. For example, you can’t perform searches like my contacts in Boston and cases closed in the last 2 weeks.

Natural Language Search (NLS) doesn’t return search results for exact dates, such as closed cases on January 23, 2020.

Natural Language Search (NLS)doesn’t return search results for records with fields that an admin or end-user can’t access due to field-level security. For example, a user searches for My accounts in Denver. Einstein Search doesn’t compare the term “Denver” against the fields Billing Address and Shipping Address because the user is restricted from accessing these fields. Instead, a keyword search for the entire query is done, returning results for matches against any accessible fields. For example, if the name of a record matches any of the terms in “My accounts in Denver,” that record is returned.

Recommended results work with most objects, including custom objects. The exceptions are Chatter, Knowledge, Reports, Dashboards, Tasks, and Events.

The Limit search to option, which lets users restrict the search to a specific object, isn’t available with Einstein Search. As you enter the name of the object in the search box, there’s no Limit search to option in the list of results for that object. Instead, use the dropdown list to the left of the search box to limit the search. To filter the list, type the object’s name or scroll through the list, and then select the object you want.

For instant results, which you see as you type in the search box, the search only looks at the record name. If you search for the value of the secondary field, which is the first eligible field in your search layout, those records aren’t included in your instant results. The exceptions are entities whose record name is an auto-number, like cases or work items. For these types of fields, the search returns results based on the secondary field.

Search doesn’t return results for fields with field visibility restrictions, which include:

Fields are blocked by the Enhanced Personal Information Management permission.
Fields where employee field visibility rules are applied.
Fields that have a FieldRestrictionRule metadata type applied.


Inshorts words to Einstein Search continues to demonstrate that Salesforce is a platform accelerating user productivity, enabling businesses to focus on pursuing customer success. Einstein Search is personal, natural, and actionable. With Einstein Search, you can find and do things faster with search results that are more actionable and tailored to how you work in Salesforce. Einstein Search is proof that why Salesforce is a platform for boosting user productivity and customer success. Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with. With Einstein Search, users can drastically cut down the number of clicks and page load for the most frequently-used tasks