Top CRM Analytics Consulting Companies

Businesses are moving and growing very fast and generating lots of raw data. Key insights can be gained from these data in order to grow business even further. In order to create relevant information for your business needs, BI tools allow businesses to analyze the data and convert it into digestible information.

As we all are aware Salesforce CRM Analytics is one the best BI tool in the world. While searching for a top consulting company for CRM analytics, businesses might find it difficult to select the best and most cost-effective consulting company for their BI tool requirements.

Here, we will review some of the top CRM Analytics companies below. Technology partners are precious to businesses as they turned businesses’ vision into reality, regardless of business size or industry.

Let’s review the list of top CRM Analytics Consulting Companies.

  • Iqra Technology
  • Algoworks
  • Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd
  • 360 Degree Cloud Technologies
  • Cyntexa

The description of the above consulting companies are as follows:

Iqra Technology: Iqra Technology is a Salesforce partner company with a very good understanding of Salesforce products. They are providing support to businesses across the globe for their business requirements related to Salesforce, CRM Analytics, or any other technology-related solutions.

Iqra Technology’s consultant provides the proper guidance and support to ensure the successful implementation of CRM Analytics. Also, with high skilled & experienced CRM analytics consultants providing support and working as per client time zone gives great value to customers.

Iqra Technology is providing cost-effective offshore support for CRM Analytics i.e. formally known as Einstein Analytics. They provide dedicated CRM Analytics resources on a monthly retainer basis with a starting price of USD 2,100 per month.

Algoworks: Algoworks is also a Salesforce partner company providing consulting services for CRM Analytics. Algowork’s experienced team finds actionable insights from business data and accelerates business evolution based on valuable data insights.

Algoworks provides services in Strategizing & Planning, Design & Development, & Data integration as per business needs. 

Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd: Emizentech has a skilled team of Salesforce CRM analytics consultants. They understand CRM analytics very well to help businesses achieve new milestones in a very effective way. They have a reliable and dedicated team that delivers quality solutions.

Some of the CRM Analytics services by EmizenTech are Opportunity insights, account insights, lead scoring, Bots, prediction builders, custom analytics, email insights & much more. Consider them for rapid project delivery, skilled developers, experienced global clients & active support.

360 Degree Cloud Technologies: 360 Degree Cloud technologies is a Salesforce platinum partner company and has very good expertise in the Salesforce domain & CRM analytics tool.

With the help of experienced CRM analytics consultants, clients get help in deploying their CRM analytics to other connected systems, with advanced CRM analytics features enabling decision-making easier for C – suite, predictive sales & accessible visualization.

Cyntexa:  Cyntexa is a Salesforce partner company. They have multiple project implementation experiences in CRM Analytics with different industries expertise like marketing, banking, Financial services, retail banking, insurance, healthcare services & many more.

They provide CRM analytics services like Einstein Bots, Einstein Insights, Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Custom Analytics, Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Account Insights, Einstein Opportunity Insights, Einstein Forecasting, and much more.

The above-shown are some of the top CRM Analytics consulting companies to help you implement and optimize the CRM for your specific business intelligence requirements.