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Conditional Functions

Conditional functions in Excel allow users to apply specific calculations or actions based on predefined conditions. These functions help automate decision-making processes in spreadsheets, making it easier to analyze data and perform tasks depending on certain criteria. Here are some commonly used conditional functions in Excel

1-IF Function- The IF function allows you to perform different calculations or return specific values based on whether a specified condition is true or false.

2-IFS Function- The IFS function allows you to evaluate multiple conditions and returns a value corresponding to the first true condition.

3-IF Error- The IFERROR function in Excel is used to handle errors that may occur in a formula. It allows you to specify a value or action to be taken if the formula encounters an error, such as a #DIV/0! (division by zero) or a #VALUE! error.

These conditional functions provide a flexible way to analyze and manipulate data in Excel based on specific criteria, facilitating efficient decision-making and data processing.

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