Angular Ecommerce B2B

Ecommerce Admin Panel helps you to manage everything on your ECommerce Store. Using a single dashboard, you can manage orders, shipping, and payments anywhere you go. You can gain the perceptivity and knowledge you need to grow.


We have our login page, by entering Username and Password you can log in to our eCommerce System.
Under the catalog tab, you can find Products, categories, Manufacturers, and Attributes. By clicking on those tabs you can enter products, categories, manufacturers, and Attributes to set up the e-commerce system.

Order details


orders and fulfilling

Tracking and managing all your orders are easier than ever. You can check orders or manage multiple orders at formerly.
Order Summary gives you better perceptivity of your orders like ordered product details, client details, and Payment information.

Ordered Product Detail

You can admit a summary of the Product ordered by your guests with multiple Product Names, Volume, Price, Levies, Total Quantum, Inventory, SKU, etc.

Client Profile


Client Details

Client Summary shows your Guests Name, Shipping and Billing Address, Dispatch, and Mobile Number. Guests can Produce an Account to automate unborn deals.


Payment and Fulfilment

You Can view the Payment details with your favored payment styles and know that have you entered the payment, or the payment is pending.
You Can fluently fulfill the orders with partnered couriers by adding the shadowing figures or boat on your own.

Produce Draft Orders

Produce draft orders directly from your ECommerce Admin Panel. Manually Produce Guests Orders with their Conditions and Shoot dispatch orders to guests to order them and reuse the payment.


Abandoned Checkouts

Track Abandoned Checkouts using your Admin Panel. As a Guest creates orders and leaves without completing the order, you can view the Guest’s details to reach them to complete their orders.




Add Unlimited Products

With our ECommerce Admin Panel, you can add unlimited products with ease. Enter Product Titles, Descriptions, Images, Prices, SKU, Inventory, Shipping Information, variants, Product Type, Brand/ Seller, Collections, Markers, and SEO Title and SEO Meta Description.
You can hire the Perpetuity Web pro Team to add Fresh Products to your eCommerce Store with Expert Knowledge.

Track Force/Inventory

Track Product Force one at a time or manage multiple products at formerly. Help your Guests to bespeak the products which are ready to transport.


Manage Products

Managing Products is veritably easy and briskly with our eCommerce Admin Dashboard. Adding, Deleting, and Editing everything about your Products anytime.


Organize with Collections

Organizing Products are Easy with Collection. The collection is Grouping your Products to a Specific Order or a Brand. The collection gives further Inflexibility to manage your Products and keep them organized.

Inventory Module:

You can create an invoice on the orders view page under the sales of admin panel. By clicking on the sales panel you can see three order statuses such pending, completed, and hold. you can generate the invoice for pending orders only. We have an invoice field present on the orders view page, if the field value is true then it means the invoice is created for that order. If the value is blank, then its invoice is not created yet. To check the invoice we have to click on the view button where you can see the invoice details, for invoice generation, you can click on the generated invoice. You can print the invoice or get it saved as a PDF.

community portal

Super Admin

We have the advanced user access named as Super Admin tab in our eCommerce system. In this user access, you can add users, define user roles and define stores also.



By using this form you must enter some details such as user role, store, first name, last name username, password email, and one file we have named as Is Active for defining user status, whether the user is active or not. You can extract user details in excel or CSV format. You can also print the user details. To copy all records you can click on the copy button then all records will be copied to the clipboard.


ADD Role:

By using this form you can add a role by specifying some details required on the form. You have to specify role name; else you can also edit and delete the present/existing roles defined in  the eCommerce system.



By using this form you can add a store to the eCommerce system. For that, you have to provide some details such as store name,  URL, Company name, Company address, Company phone number, company VAT, and Display order.  you can also edit and delete the present/existing roles defined in the eCommerce system.

Integration with Back-end ERP system

We are providing integration with the Oracle ERP system. So you can Sync your clients, products, orders, shipment payments with the back-end ERP system to the eCommerce system.

Managed service as well as self-service options


Managed Services

For your projects and orders, we offer you a managed service as per your need. We discuss the overall conditions of the project with you and handle the entire order process – tailored to your needs.



For your projects and orders, you have an option to manage your eCommerce system by yourself as per your need. Result templates for the fast and independent commissioning and consummation of your systems.
For the fast and cost-saving perpetration of your systems, we offer you tone- service for numerous of our results offered.